The founding of All Join Hands Foundation

The idea for All Join Hands Foundation, Ltd. came from a brainstorming session by a group of dedicated square dancers who attended the Make Magic convention in Vancouver, British Columbia in 2001. In 1995, Joe Petersen, a member of the Rocky Mountain Rainbeaus in Denver, left provisions in his will to give money to the International Association of Gay Square Dance Clubs (IAGSDC). The Petersen Fund was created as a result. Others have since inquired about how they could help further gay & lesbian square dancing.

All Join Hands Foundation, LTD was formed in 2002. It is registered with the United States Internal Revenue Service as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt corporation. All Join HandsĀ® is now a registered trademark in the USA.

All Join Hands Foundation LTD
PO Box 45260
Phoenix, AZ 85064

All Join Hands Canada Society Foundation was formed in 2012. It is registered with the Canadian Department of Revenue as a Charitable Organizaton. Now Canadians can enjoy the same benefits as those in the United States for tax deductible donations.

All Join Hands Canada Society Foundation
165 Kingslake Rd
Toronto, ON M2J 3G4

All Join Hands is an Associate member of the IAGSDC and sits on the Governing Board of ARTS (Alliance of Round, Traditional and Square-Dance Inc.)

Board of Directors


AJH Canada Society

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board is elected by club delegates of the IAGSDC and an IAGSDC Officer is appointed as an advisor to assist the Foundation and explore future projects. The IAGSDC has one representative and then the delegates elect one representative each year for a two year term. An Advisor can serve two consecutive two year terms and then must be replaced for a minimum of one year before they can be re-elected.

IAGSDC Officer - Ed Zeigler 2016 - 2022

Michael Rutkowski, Yardley, PA 2022 - 2024

Brad Bruner, Gulfport, FL 2023 - 2025

Past Advisory Board Members and Officers

Special thanks to our past Advisors for their contributions to All Join Hands